Monday, February 16, 2009

Masquerade, by Melissa De La Cruz

Sequel to Blue Bloods

Let me just start by saying this book was so much better than the first book in the series. This book makes the series worth reading. Very enjoyable novel.

We begin exactly where "Blue Bloods" leaves you hanging. Schuyler Van Alen and her human conduit, Oliver Perry, traveled to Venice in search of Schuyler's grandfather, Lawrence Van Alen. She thinks he holds the key to unraveling the mystery of the Silver Bloods. Her and Oliver search everywhere but to no avail, then Schuyler spots her mother? Her mother is back in a NY hospital in a coma ever since Schuyler's birth. She chases the woman down discovering a hidden talent for super speed, one of her vampire powers.

Meanwhile back in NYC, Mimi Force is planning an after party to the Four Hundred Ball exclusively for blue bloods and by invitation only! A masquerade party, and in order to get in you have to be text messaged during the Four Hundred Ball with an invite relealing the secret location.

Bliss, Mimi's BFF, is still having blackouts. Waking up in a freezing lake is no picnic unless your rescued by Dylan? Dylan was attacked by a silver blood in the last novel and presumed dead, but Bliss still believes he is alive somehow.

There is also a mysterious handsome new student at Duchesne school, Kingsley Martin. Jack Force, Mimi's brother, is still drawn to Schuyler as she is to him. Mimi is green with jealousy.

At the Masquerade party it's hard to tell who is who with all the guys dressed in the same suit and with masks covering their faces. Makes for interesting conversations and kisses from who knows who?

Unlike the last book, this one actually has a climax so you feel satisfied after your done, but can't wait for the next book! It's interesting to see how these characters develop relationship wise as well as their new found vampire abilities. You will enjoy this one for sure!


Book 1 Blue Bloods
Book 3 Revelations
Book 4 The Van Alen Legacy
Book 5 Misguided Angel (releases Oct 26, 2010)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong
(Women of the Otherworld Series, Book 1)

This book is definitely for mature audiences. Extremely detailed Sex scenes, killing, blood and gore. I loved it!

This book is about the only female werewolf in existence, Elena Michaels. The werewolf gene is passed down to sons but not daughters. Elena was bitten by a werewolf and miraculously survived the change against the odds becoming the only female werewolf in the world. She still harbors resentment against the werewolf that bit her, Clay, her x-fiancee. Werewolves live in packs and don't kill humans. Those that choose not to live in a pack are called mutts and sometimes do kill humans.

The only thing Elena has wanted her entire life was a family. Becoming a werewolf squashed that dream, but she tries her hardest to create as much of a family as she can and still keep her secret. Elena, a mutt, living in Toronto-Canada, is dating an architect that she recently moved in with. Living with a human guy does make it difficult to leave in the middle of the night to go running naked in the woods. But she manages to keep it together.

Then she starts getting phone calls from her former pack mate and leader of the werewolves, Jeremy, saying it's urgent that she contact him. She tries avoiding the call but eventually gives in and calls, and calls, and calls. No one picks up even after days of trying. Finally sick with worry she decides to take a trip back to the place she ran away from months before, Upstate New York, and Clay.

Arriving in NY she discovers that mutts have been killing humans a little too close to pack territory bringing unwanted attention to the pack. Elena tries to help her pack mates defend their territory while trying to deal with her old flame Clay. The story really takes off from here. Amazingly detailed and believable. Nicely done.


Women of the Otherworld Series:

Book 2 Stolen
Book 3 Dime Store Magic
Book 4 Industrial Magic
Book 5 Haunted
Book 6 Broken
Book 7 No Humans Involved
Book 8 Personal Demon
Book 9 Living with the Dead
Book 10 Frostbitten
Book 11 Waking the Witch
Book 12 Spell Bound (Coming in 2012)

Spin off Book: Men of the Otherworld

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ninth Key, by Meg Cabot
(The Mediator Series, Book 2)

Sequel to Shadowland

High school sophomore Susannah Simon is a mediator. She can see hear and touch ghosts as if they were living people. She helps ghosts find closure and move on. Not all ghosts, just the ones that come to her for help.

Life is going good for Suze. Since moving to Southern California, Suze has got a tan, and no bad hair days! She's even got a gorgeous guy named Jesse living in her bedroom, albeit he is a ghost, but still! While attending a pool party she meets a hunky guy named Tad Beaumont and he asks her on a date. Then later that night, she awakens from a dead sleep to a blood curdling scream! The ghost of a woman screaming and sobbing manages to beg her to tell Red he didn't kill me. Suze has no idea who Red is, so she does some investigating and comes to the conclusion that Red is really Red Beaumont, Tads father!

Delivering her message is easier said than done. Suze becomes uneasy when she's rushed out of the strange home of Red Beaumont after giving him the message. Imagine her surprise, when the ghost reappears accusing her of not delivering the message at all. Then she runs into a second ghost, who tells her Beaumont is responsible for HER death. What's going on? Does Suze have the right person? Is Red Beaumont, a prominent businessman in the community, a multi-millionaire, not to mention Tads father, really a cold blooded murderer?


Book 1 Shadowland
Book 3 Reunion
Book 4 Darkest Hour
Book 5 Haunted
Book 6 Twilight

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion, by L.J. Smith

The Sequel to Book 1 and 2: The Vampire Dairies: The Awakening and The Struggle

The Fury (Book 3)

Elena is very confused. She's in love with two men who happen to be brothers, Stefan and Damon. The brothers constant fighting over her is really worrying her. She doesn't want to make the same mistake as Katherine.

Long ago, both brothers fell in love with Katherine, a beautiful yet frail vampire. She was so distraught over the brothers hating each other because of her that she took her life. When the brothers discovered that Katherine killed herself, they each blamed the other for her death. Consumed with rage the brothers had a battle and it ended with both their lives. Each awakened a vampire turned by their vampire girlfriend having given them enough blood the night before her death to complete the transformation.

An evil force is still lurking around Fells Church. It chased Elena to her untimely death and now she and her friends try to discover what it is. Elena became a vampire because Stefan and Damon both gave her blood before she died. It seems as if this evil can change shape, control the elements, and turn every dog in town against their owners! And if that wasn't enough, a vampire hunter is in town and he's on the hunt! This book ends in tragedy. :(


Dark Reunion (Book 4)

It's hard to give a review for this book without giving the ending to "The Fury" away. So I'm just going to give a very brief general review. The insane fight at the end of "The Fury" leaves someone dead. This book deals with the loss of that someone and a new evil that has descended on Fells Church. It's up to the survivors to figure this one out, and they decide to contact the dead friend by using the Ouija board. This results in another death. That's all I'm going to give you here. You'll need to read it to find out all the gory details! Happy reading!

Book 1 and 2 The Vampire Dairies: The Awakening and The Struggle
Book 5 The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 1: Nightfall
Book 6 The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 2: Shadow Souls
Book 7 The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 3: Midnight (Releases March 15, 2011)

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

This ones for the GUYS! I found it alright, but if I was a guy I would have loved it. You girls might like it, but it's totally a guy book!

Charles Nancy, nicknamed "Fat Charlie" by his father, is getting married to a wonderful woman named Rosie. She convinces him to call the US and invite his father to their wedding in London, who he hasn't been in touch with for years. He calls and discovers that his father has just passed away.

While in the US attending the funeral, he learns that his father was the West African trickster god, Anansi. To top it all off, he has a brother named Spider that he never heard of who inherited his fathers god like abilities. A neighbor of his fathers informs him of how to contact Spider if he ever felt the need to meet him.

Back in London, Charlie calls his brother on a whim, not really expecting anyone to show up on his doorstep, but that's just what happens. The moment Spider shows up, Charlie's life becomes a living nightmare. Spider manages to get Charlie fired, sleeps with his fiancee, even gets him arrested for embezzlement and suspected of murder! Now Charlie can't get rid of him, so he travels back to the US to meet with a witch to try and magically force Spider out of his life. That's when things start getting interesting.

All you Guys are sure to love this one. I've also heard that some of the characters in this book were part of another novel called "American Gods" also my Neil Gaiman. I plan on reading that one too, so look for my review in the future.


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chosen, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Sequel to Betrayed

Zoey Redbird is a vampyre fledgling attending the House of Night. It's where you go to complete your change from human to vampyre. Some fledglings don't finish becoming a vampyre, their body rejects the change and they die.

In this installment Zoey hides the fact that Stevie Rae her BFF that died rejecting the change is actually still walking around the living feeding off and killing them. Zoey makes it her mission to save her friend even if it means lying to her friends.

If you count having three boyfriends as being trouble then Z's in deep. Number one, her former human boyfriend, Heath. She's sucked his blood and now she has got a really bad case of blood lust and a special bond with him that is nearly impossible to sever. Number Two, her real boyfriend Erik Night, a gorgeous fledgling she has so much in common with. Three, the new substitute teacher, Loren Blake, who makes Z's legs go weak every time he's in close proximity.

Vampyres are turning up dead, really dead. Two professors are murdered on school grounds and The House of Night calls in the Suns of Erebus (super hot Vampyre warriors) for protection. Things get crazy for Zoey. Can she keep it together, save her friend, find a killer, and keep her friends after her betrayal?

This is a great book. I found it a little out of control, but when your a teenager you make mistakes and have to learn some hard lessons. Some people are way too critical, it's a made up story. It doesn't have to have the right messages or even be realistic. It's a fantasy book, shut up and enjoy it or don't read it! Sorry, but I had to vent on that. :)


Book 1 Marked
Book 2 Betrayed
Book 4 Untamed
Book 5 Hunted
Book 6 Tempted
Book 7 Burned
Book 8 Awakened (releases Jan 4, 2011)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan Moves from sunny Phoenix to live with her dad in Forks, Washington. She's miserable because she misses her mom and the sun. It is always overcast and raining here in Forks. The perfect place for Edward Cullen and his family to live. Edward is a vampire and he attends the same high school as Bella. In fact they are lab partners. When Bella sits next to Edward in Science class she cannot understand the strange looks he gives her. It's as if he cannot stand the sight of her. It totally creeps her out. Edward is gorgeous and strangely unattached. Bella cannot stop wondering about Edward and his unjustified hate toward her.

Edward is a good vampire. He doesn't believe in killing humans for food. His whole family live off the blood of animals. When Edward first encounters Bella he almost looses control. She smells so good to him he almost can't help himself. Edward also has the ability to read thoughts. It's something he's grown to rely on which totally freaks him out when he can't read Bella's mind. Edward tries staying away from Bella but he's attracted to her because she's so different and because her mind is silent. He has no idea what she's thinking.

The attraction between Bella and Edward is positively smoldering and intense. Even just sitting next to one another during a film is too much to bare! Then Bella's unusual magnetism of bad luck almost gets her crushed by an out of control vehicle. Edward saves Bella's life. He reveals his superhuman speed and strength to save her. She promises to keep his secret if he promises to tell her the truth about him.

This book is an awesome love story about a vampire that falls in love with a human. I just loved this book and could not put it down until I finished it. You absolutely MUST read it!


Book 2 New Moon
Book 3 Eclipse
Book 4 Breaking Dawn

Unfinished book Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards Perspective) Click HERE to Read it!

Grave Suprise, by Charlaine Harris

Sequel to Grave Sight

Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager and brought back to life by her step brother, Tolliver Lang, who resusitated her. Ever since then Harper has the ability to locate dead bodies like a homing device. She can see their last few moments of life and tell you what they died from, BUT not who killed them. She tries to make a living from her ability by traveling from place to place offering up her services where they are needed. Tolliver travels with her and acts as her manager and caretaker.

In this installment Harper and Tolliver travel to Bingham College in Memphis to do a little demonstration for the students taking a class in the supernatural. The professor of the class, Clyde Nunley, is out to disprove Harpers ability. He has her identify each body in an old graveyard and tell the class how each one died. Nunley has the only known records of each plot and the information on their departure. There is no way she can know this information before hand. Harper of course is the real deal and makes quick work of identifying all the bodies and cause of deaths. Last plot in the back reveals an extra corpse on top of the old grave. Harper is startled to discover its the body of Tabitha Morgenstern, a girl gone missing that Harper had failed to find months before on another case.

Harper and her brother immediately become suspects and are ordered not to leave town. Nunley accuses Harper of Fraud and is found dead in the same cemetery Harper was the day before identifying bodies. Things couldn't get more complicated, the media is having a feeding frenzy and the town is flooded with everyone trying to get the inside scoop. To clear their names, Harper and Tolliver set out to find the real killer.


Book 1 Grave Sight
Book 3 An Ice Cold Grave