Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

This ones for the GUYS! I found it alright, but if I was a guy I would have loved it. You girls might like it, but it's totally a guy book!

Charles Nancy, nicknamed "Fat Charlie" by his father, is getting married to a wonderful woman named Rosie. She convinces him to call the US and invite his father to their wedding in London, who he hasn't been in touch with for years. He calls and discovers that his father has just passed away.

While in the US attending the funeral, he learns that his father was the West African trickster god, Anansi. To top it all off, he has a brother named Spider that he never heard of who inherited his fathers god like abilities. A neighbor of his fathers informs him of how to contact Spider if he ever felt the need to meet him.

Back in London, Charlie calls his brother on a whim, not really expecting anyone to show up on his doorstep, but that's just what happens. The moment Spider shows up, Charlie's life becomes a living nightmare. Spider manages to get Charlie fired, sleeps with his fiancee, even gets him arrested for embezzlement and suspected of murder! Now Charlie can't get rid of him, so he travels back to the US to meet with a witch to try and magically force Spider out of his life. That's when things start getting interesting.

All you Guys are sure to love this one. I've also heard that some of the characters in this book were part of another novel called "American Gods" also my Neil Gaiman. I plan on reading that one too, so look for my review in the future.


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