Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire, By Michele Bardsley

The second book in the series is about Lorcan, Patrick's brother from the first novel and Eva LeRoy, a recent turn blood. Eva is the town Librarian of Broken Heart. In the last book Vampires bought out all the humans in the town and are making it the first full blood supernatual town.There are humans in Broken Heart, you have donors and children of the Vampires that were turned. Vampires cannot have babies. The taint is still running rampant and a group of rival vamps is causing trouble.

Eva is still new at being a vamp and it's a big adjustment for her teenage daughter as well. Ever since becoming undead, Eva noticed that animals are attracted to her somehow. So she's outside being all Snow White when Zap Lorcan materializes in front of her and collapses at her feet. Eva realizing it's only a few minutes before sunrise manages to get him indoors. The sunlight will fry a vampire to ashes. She gets him onto her bed and he magically makes his shirt disappear. Yeah cool, huh. Lorcan is also a witch and so is his twin brother Patrick.

Eva soon discovers she has abilities far beyond that of a regular turn blood. She can compel and mentally communicate with any animal that has a human side. This ability is enough to make her wanted by the consortium, lycans, the vampire rival group, basically everyone. This puts her in danger. She gets herself kidnapped and someone poisoned her with the taint. Can Lorcan find a cure before it's to late to save Eva, his soul mate. You'll have to read it and find out.

My favorite quote. Lorcan giving Eva a compliment on page 69:

"The sun weeps because it can no longer caress your skin or warm your lips. I do not envy the sun, Eva. But I truly hate the moon, because it's light touches you in all the ways I cannot."

This book was almost as good as the first. I've read the 4th book too and that one is awesome so I'm definitely going to read them all. I'm glad I know the history of the vampires and how the town came to be. you should read the first 2 novels too. All the books in this series can be read as just a stand alone, but they are all connected to the town and it's undead residents.

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Broken Heart Series:

Book 1 I'm the Vampire That's Why
Book 3 Because Your Vampire Said So
Book 4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home
Book 5 Over My Dead Body
Book 6 Come Hell or High Water
Book 7 Cross Your Heart
Book 8 Must Love Lycans (Coming 2011)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweep, Volume 2, By Cate Tiernan

Volume 2 covers books 4-6

Dark Magick

This is a very confusing time for Morgan Rowlands. Everything is happening so fast lately. She found out she was adopted, a blood witch, her birth parents were murdered, she found her soul mate Cal, and she lost her best friend Bree. What more could happen? Oh yeah, at the end of the last novel Cal's half brother, Hunter, revealed he is a Seeker with the International Council of Witches sent to investigate Cal and his mother Seline for practicing dark magick. Cal and Hunter have a battle that ended with Cal being kicked off a cliff and disappearing making Morgan agonize over his death.

When Morgan finds out that Hunter is still alive strange things start to happen. She begins to question everything. Her strange attraction to Hunter, her relationship with Cal, her broken friendship with Bree. She's even drawn to the dark side of magick which scares her. Things come to a head at the end and Morgan faces the biggest betrayal of her life when someone locks her up and sets the place on fire. Will she be able to escape the same fate as her birth parents? Read on and find out or stop here to avoid a spoiler.


Morgan is crushed and her heart is broken. How can she possibly go on. Cal tried to kill her! Her Soul mate, her muirn beatha dan. She starts to study with Hunter to develop her abilities for her own protection. Someone is using dark magick and Hunter suspects Morgans friend David Redstone, owner of Practical Magick. Morgan does everything she can to prove David is innocent. Hunter and Morgan get close as they try to find the source of the dark magic.


The coven of Cirrus (Formally led by Cal) and the coven of Kithic (Led by Sky, the one developed after Bree left Cirrus) join together to form one coven. Morgan and Bree begin to repair their friendship. Morgan starts to realize her developing feelings for Hunter. Cal tries to convince Morgan he still loves her. Mary K., Morgans sister gets kidnapped by Seline. Someone dies at the end. But who? Dum, dee, dum, dum. You will be dieing yourself when you find out! Happy reading!

These three books were amazing. I loved the plot twists and tension. Unbelievable! I love it when a story takes me by surprise. :)

Sweep Series

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Volume 1 (re-release)
Book 1 Book of Shadows
Book 2 The Coven
Book 3 Blood Witch

Volume 2 (re-release)
Book 4 Dark Magick
Book 5 Awakening
Book 6 Spellbound

The rest of the series in the old one book format
Book 7 The Calling
Book 8 Changeling
Book 9 Strife
Book 10 Seeker
Book 11 Origins
Book 12 Eclipse
Book 13 Reckoning
Book 14 Full Circle
Book 15 Night's Child

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm the Vampire, That's Why, By Michele Bardsley

The first in a series of vampire novels by Michele Bardsley. I enjoyed the writing style, witty humor and the fact that she appeals to the older age group and not the teens. The cartoon cover may fool you into thinking it's a teen novel but trust me, it's NOT, although teens may enjoy it as well, I'm sure.

The book opens with a mom named Jessica Matthews who has two kids named Bryan 14 and Jenny 5. She's dragging the garbage pails out to the curb because her son conveniently forgot to do his one chore. Before she could finish the deed she was attacked and killed by a beast. She awakens in a room sucking on the thigh of a 4000 year old vampire who was stark naked and chained to the wall. Much to her surprise he has a full erection and offers it to her. She almost takes him up on that offer since she's been sex starved for 18 months. Her husband left her for his much younger secretary and was expecting their first child when he perished in a car accident. She never did get that divorce, now instead she's a widow. A voice comes over a loud speaker "Do not have sex with Mr. O'Halloran. If you have sex with Mr. O'Halloran, you will be mated to him for the next hundred years."

Jessica is wearing a ring that's been passed down from generation to generation in her family. A ring that Patrick O'Halloran claims is his, and only his soul-mate can wear the ring. Ahem...that would be her. She also finds out that his brother Lorcan is the beast that killed her and Patrick saved her by turning her into a vampire. Lorcan is a vampire too but has a vampire disease called the taint, which the Consortium is currently searching for the cure. It turns out that Jessica was not the only person Lorcan attacked and there are 10 more like her including her nemesis Charlene, the secretary that her husband Rich left her for. It just so happens the vampire that turns you is also your protector and Patrick also turned Charlene.

I loved this book. It was action packed and full of lust and desire. It will have you squirming in your seat wanting more. You'll love it.

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Broken Heart Series:

Book 2 Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire
Book 3 Because Your Vampire Said So
Book 4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home
Book 5 Over My Dead Body
Book 6 Come Hell or High Water
Book 7 Cross Your Heart
Book 8 Must Love Lycans (Coming 2011)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bite to Remember, By Lynsay Sands

Vincent Argeneau is a 400 year old vampire and is in need of a private detective. One that knows about his special situation. His cousin set up a PI to take care of his problem with his production company but the person that arrived on his doorstep was a woman and a mortal and she brought a giant with her.

Jackie Morrisey is a detective that is in the know when it comes to vampires. When she was younger a vampire named Cassius took control of her mind and made her think and do things she otherwise would not have done. Jackie learned the hard way what vampires can do. That's why she will never get involved with someone that won't be there for her when the sun comes up. She brought her very tall assistant and best friend Tiny McGraw to help her with this case.

Vincent's production company has come under attack. What seemingly started out as a few freak accidents and some actors falling ill has turned into murder and mayhem forcing Vincent to stop all productions until whomever is out to get him is caught.

Jackie and Tiny take over Vincents house, moving in and having alarms and gates put in. They took over his kitchen and refrigerator. Tiny has taken the cover of his personal chef and housekeeper and Jackie took on the cover of Personal assistant. Living in such close proximity and with Vincent walking around half nude is not helping Jackie to resist his charms. So what if he's the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead. She's been hired to stop a killer, not jump into bead with him.

What I like about this book is the mystery and action part more so then the romance part. It's kind of a mystery novel with romance thrown in. The book builds up slowly but has a really nice ending. It was a good book but not great.

Read an Excerpt from A Bite to Remember Click Here!

The Argenaeu Vampire Series

The Argenaeu Family Tree

Book 1 A Quick Bite
Book 2 Love Bites
Book 3 Single White Vampire
Book 4 Tall, Dark & Hungry
Book 6 Bite Me if you Can
Book 7 The Accidental Vampire
Book 8 Vampires are Forever
Book 9 Vampire, Interrupted
Book 10 The Rogue Hunter
Book 11 The Immortal Hunter: A Rogue Hunter Novel
Book 12 The Renegade Hunter: A Rogue Hunter Novel
Book 13 Born to Bite: Avon
Book 14 Hungry for You: Avon (releases Nov 30, 2010)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 1:
Nightfall by L.J. Smith

Elaina sacrificed her life for Damon and Stefan and made them promise to look out for each other as the last breath left her mortal body. Elaina was drawn back to earth by a supernatural power and given her human body back but it still carries the gifts bestowed her in the afterlife. Even more alarming is the blood that courses through her veins is like a drug to vampires. Once Stefan tastes it he becomes even more powerful causing him to worry and covet Elaina. He says he wants to keep her safe and make a life together, but Fells Church is in trouble again.

Two magical fox spirits felt the power of Elaina's rebirth and were drawn to Fells Church. Theses two creatures called the "Kitsune" are brother and sister and are named Shinichi and Misao. They decide to have fun in town and place a "Malach" inside Damon that slowly grows taking control of his body and mind. Misao appears to Caroline as her brother Shinichi in her bedroom mirror and promises to take care of her enemies and promises to love her. The Kitsune cause all sorts of trouble and residents start to exhibit strange behaviors.

Damon under the control of the Kitsune lure Stephan away from Fells Church with a promise of becoming mortal. Stephan leaves a note in Elaina's electronic diary, which Damon conveniently changes. He makes the note say he's left Elaina for good and to trust Damon to look out for her.

This was an interesting book and the author changes direction from the previous books. This one was more sci-fi than paranormal but it wasn't bad. I wish there was more of an explanation on who or why that supernatural force put Elaina back on earth. Stephan is out of the picture most of this book which is also different than the previous novels. Things do heat up between Elaina and Damon which I enjoyed immensely.

Book 1 and 2 The Vampire Dairies: The Awakening and The Struggle
Book 3 and 4 The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion
Book 6 The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 2: Shadow Souls
Book 7 The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol 3: Midnight (Releases March 15, 2011)