Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bite to Remember, By Lynsay Sands

Vincent Argeneau is a 400 year old vampire and is in need of a private detective. One that knows about his special situation. His cousin set up a PI to take care of his problem with his production company but the person that arrived on his doorstep was a woman and a mortal and she brought a giant with her.

Jackie Morrisey is a detective that is in the know when it comes to vampires. When she was younger a vampire named Cassius took control of her mind and made her think and do things she otherwise would not have done. Jackie learned the hard way what vampires can do. That's why she will never get involved with someone that won't be there for her when the sun comes up. She brought her very tall assistant and best friend Tiny McGraw to help her with this case.

Vincent's production company has come under attack. What seemingly started out as a few freak accidents and some actors falling ill has turned into murder and mayhem forcing Vincent to stop all productions until whomever is out to get him is caught.

Jackie and Tiny take over Vincents house, moving in and having alarms and gates put in. They took over his kitchen and refrigerator. Tiny has taken the cover of his personal chef and housekeeper and Jackie took on the cover of Personal assistant. Living in such close proximity and with Vincent walking around half nude is not helping Jackie to resist his charms. So what if he's the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead. She's been hired to stop a killer, not jump into bead with him.

What I like about this book is the mystery and action part more so then the romance part. It's kind of a mystery novel with romance thrown in. The book builds up slowly but has a really nice ending. It was a good book but not great.

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The Argenaeu Vampire Series

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