Friday, September 17, 2010

The Immortals Series:
Blue Moon, By Alyson Noel

The second book in the Immortal series continues the story of Ever and Damen. There is a new guy at school named Roman who everyone seems to like except Ever. She senses something wrong with him. Even Damen seems to like Romen. Things start to get interesting when Damen suddenly starts falling ill and becomes unable to access Summerland, the mystical in between place of the living and the dead. Ever of course thinks Romen must be involved but has no proof.

Damen and Ever decide to finally consummate their relationship after countless lifetimes of Ever being killed by Drina, Damen's ex-wife. In the last book Ever kills Drina ending the cycle, leaving Damen and Ever finally able to explore their relationship. The night of the special date Damen takes off leaving Ever to wonder what happened. Romen shocks Ever telling her he seen Damen deliberately leave without her. Ever denies it but is proven wrong a few days later at school. Damen suddenly has a new personality and calls her a freak and a stalker. The whole school seems to hate her. And to top it all off Damen is flirting with Ever's sworn enemy, Stacia. To further confuse Ever, Damen suddenly has an aura, something he never had before.

Ever sets off to find a cure for the ailing Damen and turns to Ava, a psychic. To Ever's surprise, Ava is not only aware of Summerland but has been attempting to get there for years. Together, they are successfully able to enter Summerland, allowing Ever to seek out the Great Halls of Learning to find a solution to cure Damen. She meets two twins there who show her around. However instead of being given a direct answer, the Great Halls of Learning show Ever Damen's true past.

This was an interesting read and left me eager to read the next book in the series.

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The Immortals Series:

Book 1 Evermore
Book 3 Shadowland
Book 4 Dark Flame
Book 5 Night Star (releases Nov 16, 2010)

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