Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweep, Volume 2, By Cate Tiernan

Volume 2 covers books 4-6

Dark Magick

This is a very confusing time for Morgan Rowlands. Everything is happening so fast lately. She found out she was adopted, a blood witch, her birth parents were murdered, she found her soul mate Cal, and she lost her best friend Bree. What more could happen? Oh yeah, at the end of the last novel Cal's half brother, Hunter, revealed he is a Seeker with the International Council of Witches sent to investigate Cal and his mother Seline for practicing dark magick. Cal and Hunter have a battle that ended with Cal being kicked off a cliff and disappearing making Morgan agonize over his death.

When Morgan finds out that Hunter is still alive strange things start to happen. She begins to question everything. Her strange attraction to Hunter, her relationship with Cal, her broken friendship with Bree. She's even drawn to the dark side of magick which scares her. Things come to a head at the end and Morgan faces the biggest betrayal of her life when someone locks her up and sets the place on fire. Will she be able to escape the same fate as her birth parents? Read on and find out or stop here to avoid a spoiler.


Morgan is crushed and her heart is broken. How can she possibly go on. Cal tried to kill her! Her Soul mate, her muirn beatha dan. She starts to study with Hunter to develop her abilities for her own protection. Someone is using dark magick and Hunter suspects Morgans friend David Redstone, owner of Practical Magick. Morgan does everything she can to prove David is innocent. Hunter and Morgan get close as they try to find the source of the dark magic.


The coven of Cirrus (Formally led by Cal) and the coven of Kithic (Led by Sky, the one developed after Bree left Cirrus) join together to form one coven. Morgan and Bree begin to repair their friendship. Morgan starts to realize her developing feelings for Hunter. Cal tries to convince Morgan he still loves her. Mary K., Morgans sister gets kidnapped by Seline. Someone dies at the end. But who? Dum, dee, dum, dum. You will be dieing yourself when you find out! Happy reading!

These three books were amazing. I loved the plot twists and tension. Unbelievable! I love it when a story takes me by surprise. :)

Sweep Series

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Volume 1 (re-release)
Book 1 Book of Shadows
Book 2 The Coven
Book 3 Blood Witch

Volume 2 (re-release)
Book 4 Dark Magick
Book 5 Awakening
Book 6 Spellbound

The rest of the series in the old one book format
Book 7 The Calling
Book 8 Changeling
Book 9 Strife
Book 10 Seeker
Book 11 Origins
Book 12 Eclipse
Book 13 Reckoning
Book 14 Full Circle
Book 15 Night's Child

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