Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tantalize, By Cynthia Leitch Smith

Ok, so this wasn't my favorite book. It started off slow and never really made me care too much for the characters. There really was never any kinds of relationships that meant anything either it was kinda weird for a book like this. I would say it was mostly about vampires even though there were werewolves in it. Ok enough about how little I liked it here is what it was about.

Quincie Morris, the main character, is a young woman who lives with her Uncle D since her parents passed away. Her Best friend is a Half Werewolf, Half Human named Kieren. She pines after him wishing he would take their friendship from friends to something more, but he treats her more like a sister. This is the failed romantic relationship the author fails to make us care about.

Quincie is going to be the owner of her parents restaurant one day when she's old enough to take over. For now her Uncle D takes care of it for her. The Restaurant is in real trouble of closing due to the competition that's set up residence down the block. Uncle D comes up with a plan to revive the business by turning their quaint Italian restaurant into a Vampire Themed Dining Experience. This is where you meet Kieren's competition. The New head Chef at Sanguini's. Quincie gets involved with the Chef who turns out to be the perfect chef for a vampire restaurant. In the end the restaurant is saved and the conflicts are resolved with a truce robbing you of a climax and leaving open the possibility for a sequel. Let's hope not. OMG and not the good OMG the bad one!

Read an excerpt from Tantalize here!

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  1. An interesting book, although it had too much romance in it.