Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm the Vampire, That's Why, By Michele Bardsley

The first in a series of vampire novels by Michele Bardsley. I enjoyed the writing style, witty humor and the fact that she appeals to the older age group and not the teens. The cartoon cover may fool you into thinking it's a teen novel but trust me, it's NOT, although teens may enjoy it as well, I'm sure.

The book opens with a mom named Jessica Matthews who has two kids named Bryan 14 and Jenny 5. She's dragging the garbage pails out to the curb because her son conveniently forgot to do his one chore. Before she could finish the deed she was attacked and killed by a beast. She awakens in a room sucking on the thigh of a 4000 year old vampire who was stark naked and chained to the wall. Much to her surprise he has a full erection and offers it to her. She almost takes him up on that offer since she's been sex starved for 18 months. Her husband left her for his much younger secretary and was expecting their first child when he perished in a car accident. She never did get that divorce, now instead she's a widow. A voice comes over a loud speaker "Do not have sex with Mr. O'Halloran. If you have sex with Mr. O'Halloran, you will be mated to him for the next hundred years."

Jessica is wearing a ring that's been passed down from generation to generation in her family. A ring that Patrick O'Halloran claims is his, and only his soul-mate can wear the ring. Ahem...that would be her. She also finds out that his brother Lorcan is the beast that killed her and Patrick saved her by turning her into a vampire. Lorcan is a vampire too but has a vampire disease called the taint, which the Consortium is currently searching for the cure. It turns out that Jessica was not the only person Lorcan attacked and there are 10 more like her including her nemesis Charlene, the secretary that her husband Rich left her for. It just so happens the vampire that turns you is also your protector and Patrick also turned Charlene.

I loved this book. It was action packed and full of lust and desire. It will have you squirming in your seat wanting more. You'll love it.

Read a small Excerpt from I'm the Vampire, That's Why Click Here!

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