Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home, by Michele Bardsley
(Broken Heart, Oklahoma Series)

I found myself without a book to read so I picked this up at Walmart while I was shopping and I was glad I did!

This book was highly entertaining. I rarely find myself laughing out loud when I read a book and this one made me LOL. The main character "Libby" is really funny. She works for her parents doing investigations trying to prove the existence of the paranormal. You know ghosts, vampires, zombies, dragons etc. She doesn't have much luck until a chance encounter with a vampire in a graveyard.

From the beginning to the end is nonstop action and romance. "Libby" falls for a vampire who is a father of twin boys who are human. His wife passed away. During their first meeting they get attacked by a zombie and a couple of dragons having a war with each other. One of the Dragons gets badly wounded and catches Libby and tells her she must not let her brother get her powers and kisses Libby transferring half of her soul and her power into Libby. The other half gets accidentally transferred into the Vampire. This causes the two to need each other in more ways than one!

I won't give it away, but for a cartoonish cover things get pretty steamy. I would rate it "adult content" Don't mistake this for a mushy romance because it isn't. I would say more action then anything else, and the sex is just a bonus. This book is very entertaining. I didn't know this book was part of a series. It might be worth getting the other books to see how they compare. This book turned out to be book 4 in the Broken Heart, Oklahoma Series.


If you are interested in starting at the beginning here's a list of the previous books:
Book 1 I'm The Vampire, That's Why
Book 2 Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire
Book 3 Because Your Vampire Said So
Book 5 Over My Dead Body
Book 6 Come Hell or High Water
Book 7 Cross Your Heart
Book 8 Must Love Lycans (Coming 2011)

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