Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

This is the story of a young boy of about 18 months old. While his family is being murdered he climes out of his crib and wonders out the front door which the killer has left open. He wanders into a graveyard under the locked gate. The killer searches for him and spots him in the graveyard. As the killer attempts to gain entry into the locked gate the boys' slain mother appears before a ghostly couple who discovered the boy.

The mother begs the couple to protect and care for her son. The ghostly couple reluctantly agree. The boy is granted the protection of the graveyard and can disappear from sight. He is hidden from the killer and the ghostly couple divert the killers attentions away.

The boy is given the name of "Nobody" and is nicknamed Bod. Bod has many adventures in the book. He meets a young girl, visits an ancient grave protected by a strange being. He gets swept into an underground hell by ghouls and is rescued by the Hounds of God.

The ending was a little heart wrenching, but kind of realistic. Terrific book!

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