Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld

This book was great! It's about a young girl who is 15, living in a future where when you turn 16 you are given plastic surgery that makes you supermodel gorgeous. Tally can't wait to be pretty. All her older friends are partying it up in prettytown while she's stuck in the Uglies dorms outside of the city. She misses her friends but makes a new one in uglyville, Shay.

All Shay's friends are either in Prettytown or have escaped into the wild where a mysterious guy named David lives. He has been rumored to have grown up in the wild. In a place called "The Smoke" Shay shows Tally she has other choices. She doesn't have to become pretty, she can stay ugly. Tally doesn't want to stay ugly, but when Shay escapes into the wild, Tally is recruited by Special circumstances to track down Shay and expose "The Smoke". Tally doesn't want to betray her friend but she must if she wants the operation to become pretty.

Something else happens during surgery that may change Tally's outlook on becoming pretty. And she didn't mean to fall in love with Shay's almost boyfriend, David, either. Now she's torn between becoming Pretty and staying Ugly when she finally decides what she wants to do Special Circumstances swoops in to ruin it all. Will Tally become a Pretty and reunite with all her old friends or stay ugly, stay with David? Hmm. I guess you should read it and find out! It's a great read.


Book 2 Pretties
Book 3 Specials
Book 4 Extras (Spin off book)
Originally this was supposed to be a trilogy.

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