Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris

An HBO series called "True Blood" is based on these novels by Charlaine Harris.

This is about a small town waitress named Sookie Stackhouse who has the ability to read minds.This ability makes it impossible to date. That is, until the Chinese invent True Blood, a synthetic blood that's just like the real thing.

Vampires decide it is time to make themselves known to the public since they no longer have to rely on humans as a food source. The first vampire Sookie meets comes into the bar where she works. She notices right away that she cannot hear his thoughts and feels drawn to his silence. It's a welcome relief not to hear the constant bombardment of thoughts. She overhears with her ability some other patrons planning to drain the vampire of his blood. Vampire blood is like a drug and is sold for about $200 a vial.

When she realizes that the couple left with the vampire, Sookie is compelled to try and save the vampire. Now outside the bar, she listens with her ability and locates the couple. She can't hear the vampire but she hears the couples thoughts and they are none too good. She sees they have him chained down with silver and they are draining him with an I.V. Arming herself with a large chain she gets out of her brothers truck, she sneaks up behind one guy and slams him with the chain. There's a fight and the couple leave. So, she saved the vampire. He feels grateful and notices something different about her. They start up a romance, but things get ugly when dead girls keep turning up around town with vampire bites. Sookie tries to use her ability to find the killer.

Suspense, romance, action, very hot sex, and intrigue, this novel has got it all.


You'll want to read the whole series:

Book 2 Living Dead in Dallas
Book 3 Club Dead
Book 4 Dead to the World
Book 5 Dead as a Doornail
Book 6 Definitely Dead
Book 7 All Together Dead
Book 8 From Dead to Worse
Book 9 Dead and Gone
Book 10 Dead in the Family

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