Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Morganville Vampires:
Glass Houses and The Dead Girls Dance
By Rachel Caine

A re-release of the first 2 books in one volume. Glass Houses and The Dead Girls Dance are about a vampire town called Morganville. A place where vampires and humans co-exist in a one of a kind town. Humans are encouraged to buy protection from the vampires to ensure their safety. If you are under contract you are required to wear a bracelet indicating your Vampire protection status at all times. Every resident is required to make a weekly blood donation as part of the deal. No one walks the streets at night in Morganville.

Glass Houses

Claire Danvers is an extremely smart young lady and graduated High School rather early for her age and is eager to attend a great college. The only problem is her over protective parents who cannot bear the thought of their little girl moving so far away to a huge University. They insist she start college close to home then transfer when she gets older. They send her to a College in a town not far from home in Morganville. Claire likes the classes but the students are downright cruel. This one girl named Monica has totally got it in for her harassing her to the of point of serious injury. Claire decides to look off campus for housing. Answering an ad in the paper she is led to the Glass House. Michael Glass the owner of the house is out but she meets a goth chick, Eve, who lives there and welcomes her with open arms after seeing the awful shiner Claire got from the bullies at school. Michael, Shane, and Eve are all roommates in the house and Claire is the forth. It's here that she learns all about Morganville and it's special kind of residents. The First Book leaves off on a cliffhanger but lucky for you the second book is right at hand.

The Dead Girls Dance

This book starts off with Shane's Dad arriving to annihilate all the vampires in Morganville. Hellbent on revenge and totally unstable killing off a vampire and getting Shane blamed for his murder. Shane is caged in the middle of the town square and is awaiting a beheading. Will Claire and friends be able to save him in time? Their only hope is Michael's grandfather a vampire they hope will help them. Eve and Claire hope to run into him a the Dead Girls Dance only Claire gets offered a drink that was drugged and then needs saving herself. This series is very interesting because it's a total different take on vampires with a lot of suspense, I enjoyed the Morganville Vampires, and I hope you do too.

The Morganville Vampire Series:
(click the links to read an excerpt from each book)

Volume 1: Glass Houses, The Dead Girls Dance
Volume 2: Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools

The rest of the series in old one book format:
Book 5 Lord of Misrule
Book 6 Carpe Corpus
Book 7 Fade Out
Book 8 Kiss of Death
Book 9 Ghost Town (releases Oct 25, 2010)
Book 10 Bite Club (coming in April 2011)
Book 11 (coming in Oct 2011)
Book 12 (coming in April 2012)

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