Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweep, Volume 1, By Cate Tiernan

Three books in one. This one is a re-release combining the first three novels in one volume. This series is about discovering Wicca and Magick with a little mystery and love mixed in. Plenty of betrayal, spells, circles, rituals, jealousy, mystery and suspense. The first book starts out a little slow but it builds nicely. By the end of the first book I was hooked.

Book of Shadows

There is a new kid in town and he is smokin hot. His name is Cal and he is Wiccan and practices magick. No one is immune to Cal's charms including Morgan Rowlands. But before she can make it known that she has a thing for him her best friend, Bree, stakes her claim on him. Oh well she resigns to let Bree have him since she always gets what she wants anyway. Cal invites Morgan, Bree and some others to do a circle for Samhain. That's where Morgan discovers she has a special talent for magick and a Coven forms.

The Coven

So now that Morgan knows she's really a blood witch descended from one of the original clans, she confronts her family. They must be blood witches too, but they deny all of it. That's when she discovers she was adopted. Morgan and Cal's relationship starts to develop putting a rift between her and Bree. Bree even claimed to have slept with Cal. Morgan just thinks she's jealous because Bree didn't get Cal. Cal chose Morgan after all. Bree sets of with another clan member to form their own coven. While at Cal's house Morgan stumbles upon a secret door that leads to a library. There she discovers a secret kept hidden from her. Her mothers book of shadows.

Blood Witch

Morgan is coming into some pretty powerful powers. She scrys with fire and has a vision of her birth mother pointing under a house. The one her mother and father lived in before they were killed. She finds out they were murdered. Burned to death in a barn that was locked from the outside. She finds the house and under it a box with her mothers magickal tools. Now she has her mothers book of shadows and her mothers tools making her a very powerful blood witch. Cal and his mother seem overly interested in getting their hand on her mothers tools and Morgan begins to question her relationship with Cal. Cal's half brother, Hunter, is a Seeker for the International Council of Witches assigned to investigate Seline, Cal's mother, and Cal for using Black Magic. Hunter attacks Cal causing someone to fall off a cliff.

Sweep Series (click the links to read some)

Volume 1 (re-release)
Book 1 Book of Shadows
Book 2 The Coven
Book 3 Blood Witch

Volume 2 (re-release)
Book 4 Dark Magick
Book 5 Awakening
Book 6 Spellbound

The rest of the series in the old one book format
Book 7 The Calling
Book 8 Changeling
Book 9 Strife
Book 10 Seeker
Book 11 Origins
Book 12 Eclipse
Book 13 Reckoning
Book 14 Full Circle
Book 15 Night's Child

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