Friday, September 17, 2010

The Vampire Academy Series:
Blood Promise, By Richelle Mead

This novel takes off right where we left off in Shadow Kiss with Rose taking off to hunt down Dimitri, her love turned strigoi. Making the hardest decision she's ever had to make by abandoning Lissa her best friend and Dragomir Princess she had sworn to protect.

Rose has no clue where to begin to look for Dimitri but she feels she has to fulfill his last wish. Kill him if he ever became strigoi, a soulless vampire, which he has. She travels to Russia, hoping he might have been drawn back to his home country. Rose kills every strigoi she comes across in her search which draws the attention of a local Alchemist named Sydney. It's her job to clean up any mess that might draw attention to the supernatural community. Sydney helps Rose travel to Dimitri's home town where they meet a mysterious man who want's Rose to leave Russia at all costs. But who is this guy, Abe, and why is it so important she leave?

Dimitri's family welcomes Rose with open arms and Rose is sad to tell them the news of what has become of Dimitri. They hold a small ceremony for Dimitri and everyone tells stories about him and his life. While in Dimitri's town of Baia, Rose meets another couple who is also shadow kissed.

Abe finally gets Rose to leave but instead she travels to a town called Novorsibirsk with a group of other unpromised Dampires on a quest to kill all the strigoi they come into contact with. Rose convinces the others in the group to torture strigoi for information on Dimitri. Eventually word of Rose reaches Dimitri and there is a crucial confrontation in which Rose disobeys the one rule Dimitri always taught her: Never Hesitate. Rose is struck by how much Dimitri still looks like his old self giving Dimitri the opportunity to kidnap Rose! He refuses to kill her and does everything to convince her to become strigoi so they can be together. Things get interesting from her on out. Find out what happens next. Read Blood Promise and I promise you will be captivated by an enthralling story of love and loss. One of the few book series that never disappoints me. A GREAT READ!

Read an Excerpt from Blood Promise Click Here!

Book 1 Vampire Academy
Book 2 Frostbite
Book 3 Shadow Kiss
Book 5 Spirit Bound
Book 6 Last Sacrifice (releases Dec 7, 2010)

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