Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frostbite, by Richelle Mead

Sequel to Vampire Academy

In this novel there are 3 types of vampires:
1) Moroi (Born vampires)
2) Dhampirs (half breed - vampire/human) Sworn to protect all Moroi from Strigoi.
3) Strigoi (extremely powerful vampires that have been damned and will stop at nothing to kill all Moroi.)

Rose Hathaway is a Damphire and in her senior year at the academy. In 6 months she will be a guardian sworn to protect her lifelong friend Lissa, a Royal Moroi and the last in her line. Rose and Dimitri, her instructor, are on their way to meet with one of the guardian greats so she can take her qualifier. When they arrive they find everyone slaughtered by strigoi. The school panics and goes into lock down mode. It's Christmas break but no one is allowed to go anywhere but the schools scheduled ski trip.

It soon becomes apparent that strigoi are attacking in coherent, organized groups, slaughtering royalty and their guardians with frightening ease. Then, Rose's previously absent mother appears at the academy to help strategize a defense. Rose's feelings for Dimitri, while returned, are constantly being rejected and turned down, as they have a duty to protect Lissa, and the risk of emotion cannot get in the way of that. Her friend, Mason, begins to show interest in her just as an old friend of Dimitri's shows feelings for him, causing even more chaos in Rose's heart. And all the while, she's lacking the company she sorely misses from Lissa, but through their bond she unwittingly witnesses Lissa and her new boyfriend take their relationship to the next level!


Book 1 Vampire Academy
Book 3 Shadow Kiss
Book 4 Blood Promise
Book 5 Spirit Bound
Book 6 Last Sacrifice (releases Dec 7, 2010)

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