Friday, January 9, 2009

Shadowland, by Meg Cabot
(The Mediator Series, Book 1)

Susannah Simon is on her way to live in her new home with the rest of her new family in Carmel, California. Her mother just remarried and now she has to leave her home in NYC and the only friend she's ever had. Living with three new stepbrothers is going to be interesting. And who knows what kind of dead people will be haunting the place. That scares her the most because Suze is a mediator. She can hear, talk, and touch ghosts of the recently and not so recently deceased. Only the ones that seem to have unfinished business. She found out at the age of 2 that ghosts will come to her for help and won't go away until she helps them move on.

In her new home she discovers her bedroom is haunted by Jesse, a hot young guy who was murdered 150 years ago. Makes it hard to have any privacy. She resorts to changing her clothes in the bathroom.

At school things aren't much better. Her first day and she gets the locker of the recently deceased Heather. The girl that killed herself when her boyfriend Bryce broke up with her over the Christmas break. As Suze attempts to protect Bryce from the angry girls attempts at revenge, she grows even more irate and determined to cause pain and destruction to not only Bryce, but Suze too.


Book 2 Ninth Key
Book 3 Reunion
Book 4 Darkest Hour
Book 5 Haunted
Book 6 Twilight

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