Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reunion, by Meg Cabot
(The Mediator Series, Book 3)

Sequel to Ninth Key

Suze Simon is a mediator. She helps those unfortunate ghosts who have unfinished business preventing them from moving on. In this installment Suze's best friend, Gina from NY, comes to visit her in Carmel, California. While the two sixteen year olds are tanning on the beach they get thirsty and go to the market for drinks. It's there that Suze sees 4 ghosts dressed up like it's prom night trying to steal a six pack. Suze finds out the 4 were dubbed the RLS Angels by the newspaper that covered their deaths because they were all A-students, popular, and obviously all had a great future mapped out in front of them. Then they all perished in a car accident.

Suze also learns that a boy named Michael Meducci is the only survivor. He was driving the other vehicle, and he just happens to be in one of her classes. Suze shows interest in him and now he's trying to pursue a relationship with her. Yuck! (I mean come on, she's in love with Jesse the hot ghost that's living in her bedroom!) Problem is that the RLS angels are out for blood. They are pissed and think that Michael killed them on purpose. The angles try and kill Michael every chance they get, but Suze is usually there to thwart their efforts.

Father Dominic, Suze's mentor/principle, and fellow mediator investigate the scene of the accident. Jesse tags along, and Gina covers for Suze at home. Jesse talks to the ghosts and they agree to talk to Suze and Father Dominic about what happened the night they died. They also discover clues at the scene that might support the angels claims of being murdered.


Book 1 Shadowland
Book 2 Ninth Key
Book 4 Darkest Hour
Book 5 Haunted
Book 6 Twilight


  1. My favorite is the last in the series "Twilight" look for my review in the future! :)