Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Ice Cold Grave, by Charlaine Harris

Sequel to Grave Surprise

Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager and brought back to life by her step brother, Tolliver Lang, who resuscitated her. Ever since then Harper has the ability to locate dead bodies like a homing device. She can see their last few moments of life and tell you what they died from, BUT not who killed them. She tries to make a living from her ability by traveling from place to place offering up her services where they are needed. Tolliver travels with her and acts as her manager and caretaker.

In this installment, Harper is called in to Doraville, North Carolina. The town Sheriff is new and was Deputy under the old Sheriff. Over the past several years 6 boys of similar age have gone missing from the town. The old Sheriff chalked it up to runaways and suicides, but the new Sheriff thinks an investigation is in order.

The grandmother of one of the missing boys convinces the Sheriff to call Harper to see if she can locate the missing boys bodies. It doesn't take long for Harper to discover the horrific spot of the crimes and the dumping ground for the bodies. Harper is visibly shaken having never encountered a serial killer before. She finds all six boys plus two more from neighboring communities.

Harper and Tolliver want to leave as soon as they get paid, but the killer has other ideas. Harper is attacked and wounded, Tolliver comes to her aid and the assailant gets away. The law enforcement tell them not to leave town. And an Ice storm is on the way. Harper fearing the killer is out to get her for uncovering his carnage decides to try and figure out who the killer is before he can get to her or kill again.

Harper and Tolliver take their relationship to a new level. I was kind of creeped out by that even though they really aren't blood relatives. Good story, kept me on my toes!


Book 1 Grave Sight
Book 2 Grave Surprise
Book 4 Grave Secret

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