Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Undead and Unwed, by MaryJanice Davidson
(Queen Betsy "Undead" Series, Book 1)

Many reviews on this book say it's hilarious. In my opinion not so. It's mildly humorous, but hilarious, I think not. It's kind of like the chick from "Legally Blond" gone vampire but slightly more annoying on the personality of Betsy Taylor, the main character. If you like that type humor, you will adore this book. This ones not for the guys, that's certain. All you girly girls who love fashion and shoes, you will treasure this series.

Betsy is a former model, gone secretary, but recently got canned on her 30th birthday. She is a total fashion expert and spends all her money on designer shoes. She's single and lives with her cat that keeps running away. The night of her birthday she wonders out in search of her lost cat and gets plowed down by an SUV. She awakens in a funeral parlor lying in a coffin. She discovers her Mother-in-law has her dressed for her own funeral in a tacky pink dress and the worst cheap shoes that could have been purchased at payless! She is outraged and totally flabbergasted as to why she is a walking corpse.

Betsy is determined to finish the job of offing herself for good. After a dozen attempts kind of like that in that movie "Groundhog Day", she discovers she is here to stay. If she's going to be undead she is going to get her shoes back from good ole evil step mom. She starts craving blood and realizes she's not just a zombie, she's a vampire. She's not the run of the mill type vampire either. She is special because holy water does not burn, she can recite scripture, hold a cross and go into the sunlight without bursting into flames.

The undead community believes she is part of a prophecy come to life. One that says she will defeat the Vampire king and become Queen of the vampires. This book starts off rather funny and innocent but let me tell you there is a lot of graphic sex scenes towards the end. Some of it you will be shocked at what is described. I was like whoa holy sh*t! Yep. You will either be disgusted or turned on. Either way you'll love it! ;0 Oh My!


Book 2 Undead and Unemployed
Book 3 Undead and Unappreciated
Book 4 Undead and Unreturnable
Book 5 Undead and Unpopular
Book 6 Undead and Uneasy
Book 7 Undead and Unworthy
Book 8 Undead and Unwelcome
Book 9 Undead and Unfinished
Book 10 Undead and Undermined (Coming July 2011)
Betsy the Vampire Queen (books 1-4 in one volume)
Betsy Bride of the Vampire (books 5-7 in one volume)

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