Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Immortals Sreies:
Evermore, By Alyson Noel

Ever is 16, pretty and popular, until a deer runs in front of her families vehicle killing her mom, dad, sister and family dog. Ever dies too... for a brief moment she's in a place called "Summerland" a sort of in between place. She gets caught up in it's beauty and doesn't realize her family has moved on. She tries to catch up to them when she is pulled back into her body. Racked with pain she sees a guy... he cradles her in his arms and asks her name. She tells him "Ever" before she passes out.

Ever blames herself for her families death and you don't learn why until the end of the book. After the accident, Ever becomes very unpopular. She can see auras and hear peoples thoughts. If she touches someone she can see their whole life story. She tries to drown out the constant chatter of minds and very unwanted thoughts invading her. She hides herself in a hoodie sweatshirt and blasts an ipod that she's conveniently sewn into her hoodie. Her dead sisters ghost hangs around and Ever has frequent conversations with her.

Ever now an orphan moves to a new town to live with her Aunt Sabine, her fathers sister. Sabine is a lawyer and very wealthy. She tries to comfort Ever by giving her a giant room with a spa, living room, flat screen, balcony with view of the ocean beach, mini fridge, etc. The only downfall is Sabine is too busy working and never at home.

Ever makes 2 friends at school, Haven a goth chick, and Miles a gay guy. Then a mysterious new guy comes to school. His name is Damen Auguste. He is gorgeous and charming. All the girls and guys are swooning over him. When Ever finally meets him she is in awe of his fantastic beauty and lack of aura! Captivated, and it's as if the world stops and it's all dead silence. No more chatter in her head just Damen and peace. She starts a relationship with him and then she meets Drina. A really beautiful girl who is creepy and somehow involved with Damen. The book takes off from here.


The Immortals Series:

Book 2 Blue Moon
Book 3 Shadowland
Book 4 Dark Flame
Book 5 Night Star (releases Nov 16, 2010)


  1. I was transfixed by The Immortal Series from the beginning. I cannot wait till I can get my hands on Night Star!!!!

  2. this book is AMAZING!!!!!!!! i LOOOVE Alyson Noels books! they are all sooooooooooo good!!!!!! XD