Friday, March 20, 2009

Revelations, by Melissa De La Cruz

Sequel to Masquerade

We learn in the first two books that Vampires are really fallen angels who fought against Lucifer during the war in heaven. God could not forgive them because they started out on Lucifer's side, the dark side, but then they turned and fought for the light. Since god could not fully redeem them, he sent them to earth as immortal blue blood vampires.

Each blue blood lives a normal cycle like a human, but reincarnate every 100 years. They don't remember their past lives until they start the change to vampire in there teenage years. Then, they remember their past lives and start to develop their abilities. Every blue blood was an angel that has a twin soul they are bonded with. Sometimes the vampires have to find their twin in a cycle. They must also renew their bond every cycle, like a wedding ceremony, this unleashes the full potential of their powers and memories.

Silver bloods are sent to earth by Lucifer to destroy the blue bloods. They consume all of the blue bloods essence (blood) killing them for good. Blue bloods need a drop of their blood in order to be able to reincarnate. It contains their soul, memories and powers. The silver blood then has that blue blood trapped inside them. The silver blood has their powers and memories making them stronger and faster, and smarter than blue bloods.

There are several main characters. One of them is Schuyler, a half-vampire without a bond. In this instalment she is trapped living with twins Mimi and Jack Force. Her arch-nemesis and her forbidden crush. The twins are bonded, but that doesn't stop Schuyler from having a secret affair with Jack. She's hoping that Jack will sever his bond with Mimi to bond with her.

Meanwhile, her best friend Bliss is still having blackouts and now visions of a man in a white suit. She also believes Schuyler might be her sister. Dylan accuses Schuyler of being a silver blood. Oliver is in love with Schuyler. And Mimi is desperate to re-bond with Jack forcing Schuyler out of her and Jacks life for good. The plot thickens and you fly through the pages really fast without much happening.

Then, the climax, there you learn some really cool stuff, but it was so short lived you kind of feel cheated. I think it was kind of disappointing. I didn't feel satisfied like I did after reading Masquerade. It almost felt like half of a novel. Probably because the plot is left unfinished at the end. All in all it was good book, but not great. You should read it though, you'll enjoy it. Can't wait for the next book! Sorry I didn't give too many details. There are so few that I didn't want to spoil it for you!


Book 1 Blue Bloods
Book 2 Masquerade
Book 4 The Van Alen Legacy
Book 5 Misguided Angel (releases Oct 26, 2010)


  1. idk why, but i could never get into this was way more disappointing than the previous ones...
    great review though!

  2. It was disappointing it just felt so unfinished. Thanks for the comment/compliment!