Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stolen, by Kelley Armstrong
(Women of the Otherworld, Book 2)

Sequel to Bitten

We continue our story with our main character, Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence. She's a Canadian journalist who belongs to an exclusive group of werewolves who call themselves the "pack." Werewolves who are not part of the pack are called mutts. This book doesn't really focus on the werewolves like the first book. So you should read Bitten before this one to get some adequate background info.

Part of Elena's responsibilities as a pack member include investigating rumors and information about werewolves that pop up in newspapers and media. If it seems like it might have some authenticity to it, then either Elana or Clay do damage control. Clay is Elena's maker, soul mate, hot sexy lover, and the most feared werewolf of their species.

While investigating a suspicious article stating information is for sale about the existence of werewolves, Elena meets two witches. Paige and Ruth Winterbourne are out to enlist the help of the werewolf community and they ran the fake article knowing Elena would come to check it out. The witches tell Elena that supernatural beings are being kidnapped and it's only a matter of time before they come after her kind. Elena learns that in addition to werewolves and witches there are also demons, shamans, sorcerers, vampires, and other creatures living among humans. Wow. Elena's not sure about taking these ladies seriously or not, so she returns to her hotel. Later on, she winds up getting kidnapped by psycho, billionaire, computer geek, Ty Winsloe.

Elena is being held captive in a compound with supernatural security as well as state of the art human security. It's in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Maine. Winsloe is kidnapping every different kind of supernatural being and has scientists trying to figure out how to duplicate what makes them special. He wants to be able to market and sell abilities to the highest bidder. Once his prisoners run out of usefulness he likes to make a game out of their death. He lets them go, and then hunts them down and kills them.

This book was awesome! Anybody will agree. Non-stop action, plot twists, psychologically thrilling, gorily detailed. Loved it. Definitely not for the young or weak stomached. I can't wait to read Dime Store Magic!!!



Women of the Otherworld Series:

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Book 7 No Humans Involved
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Book 12 Spell Bound (Coming in 2012)

Spin off Book: Men of the Otherworld

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