Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blue Bloods, by Melissa De La Cruz

Some of you may not like this book. It starts off too slow and then just when you get to the good parts it ends before the climax. WTF. I felt cheated, especially since I read all that boring crap in the beginning. I was expecting an ending at the least. Nope! But I'm reviewing this book because I really did like the second half of the book, and if it had an ending I would have liked it even more. It is my hope that the sequel has a climax or two and is as interesting as the second half of book 1.

If you are still interested in reading this book, I recommend you have book 2 handy for when you finish this one because it leaves you hanging. Also, save yourself the torture, and skip to chapter 19 and start reading from there. The beginning is BORING and you won't miss it. I'll fill you in on it here so don't worry.

There are a lot of main characters, but only two groups of friends. The first clique is Schuyler, her BFF Oliver, and new friend Dylan, they are treated like outsiders by the popular clique who is made up of twins Mimi and Jack Force and BF Bliss. They all go to this high end private school in NYC. They all grow up as normal as the rest of us until they start the change. They start to get a strange pattern of blue veins on their arms and crave raw meat. Some experience knowing things they haven't been taught. (ex. another language.) Then they also experience a kind of daydream where they remember a past life. The reason all this is happening is that they are all vampires (blue bloods) and have been reincarnated every 100 years. So they live forever and can't die, EXCEPT if they are killed by a silver blood. All blue bloods are asked to join a prestigious charity group where they learn who they really are. This is where it gets good. Chapter 19, Schuyler is joining the charity and things get interesting from there. Schuyler is also only part blue blood. Her father was human. She shouldn't even exist because blue bloods cannot reproduce new souls like humans can. The book does end before you get to any real action. That's why I'm hoping book 2 is better.


Book 2 Masquerade
Book 3 Revelations
Book 4 The Van Alen Legacy
Book 5 Misguided Angel (releases Oct 26, 2010)

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