Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, Spellbinder, by L.J. Smith

3 stories related by Night World, a secret society of supernatural beings with 2 rules.
1) Never tell a human about Night World.
2) Never fall in love with a human.
These stories are about what happens when we break the rules.

Secret Vampire
James is a lone vampire living among humans who is secretly in love with a human girl named Poppy. He has watched Poppy grow up from a little tot. Now Poppy is a young woman, but James must never let Poppy know of his true feelings. He fears the consequences of the night world should they discover he has broken the rules.

Poppy is in love with her best friend James, but he's never shown any interest in her. When Poppy gets diagnosed with terminal cancer James offers her another chance at life and love.

Daughters of Darkness
3 vampire sisters, (The Redferns--Rowan, Kestrel and Jade), sick of the night world and all its rules decide to strike out on their own to live among humans. After all, their Aunt has been living among the humans so why can't they? They travel to Briar Creek, Oregon, where they discover that their Aunt has been staked buy someone who must have found her out. The sisters befriend the neighbors Mary-Lynette and Mark, humans who discover the sisters true identities. The sisters brother, Ash, hates humans and is on a mission to get his sisters to go back home. The sisters are worried Ash will kill their human friends if he were to find out they know about night world. Ash is in for a big surprise when he discovers his soul mate is the human, Mary-Lynette!

Thea and Blaise Harman are sisters and witches. Blaise likes to mess with human boys by using spells and potions to make them fall in love with her. She plays with them then tosses them aside as soon as she gets bored. Thea accidentally discovers her soul mate is a human boy named Eric. She tries to stay away from him so she's not tempted to break night world laws. But when Blaise decides Eric will be her next boy toy, Thea steps in to challenge her.


Volume 2 Night World: Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate
Volume 3 Night World: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight
Volume 4 Night World: Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate
Book 10 Night World: Strange Fate (TBA)


  1. I really loved the Night World series ^_^

  2. My only complaint is that I wish the stories were longer! lol

  3. i wish the stories were longer too!
    it was a fantastic book, i couldn't put the book down until i had finished it!
    i want a continuation of secret vampire so badly!!

  4. I love Secret Vampire I wou;d do anything to get a continuation of Secret Vampire it was so amazing and she just had to go end it like that... I mean seriously come on :(
    please write a continuation l.j Smith ... please

  5. She has an e-mail address. Ive already tried to contact her and tell her she should make a continuence. Maybe if we can get enough people to ask she will!! thats her email. And if you guys want you can mention my name, Nicole. Ive sent her an email today waiting for her to get back to me.. although im not sure if she will ever continue it im hoping she does. And if she doesnt, im going to ask permission to use her characters and story line and make a continuence myself. :) Ill keep you all up dated if you so wish. Feel free to email me too.

  6. Night World is by far one of my 3 favorite book series, when I read it, I just can't seem to put the book down. I have all 3 volumes, I"m just waiting on the 4th, Night World Strange fate, to come about to my town, so that I can read that. I've been waiting quite some time for Strange Fate, and I'm afraid I will have to wait till Christmas to be able to get the book and read it, my very loving and very sweet boyfriend is going to get Strange Fate for me for Christmas this year :) so I can't wait for that. Anyhow I'd like to thank Lisa for making such an amazing book!!!!

  7. i Love these books. i swear to goddess (these books have me saying that now) If i could be a mix of Rashel Jez,poppy, and Keller i would be so damn happy. and if my soulmate was a mix of james, delos, ash, quinn, and morgead he would be the perfect man! these are such amazing books. They need to be made into a movie. or tv show.