Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blood and Chocolate, by Annette Curtis Klause

I absolutely love the main character, Vivian. Shes a 16 year old werewolf. Vivian and her kind (loup-garoux) live in a modern city were humans are the majority of the population forcing them to blend in as best they can. Her father was leader of their pack when they lived in West Virgina. About a year ago he tragically died in a fire trying to rescue other members of the pack. Angry townsfolk who found them out set fire to the Inn where the werewolves were living and working. The roof collapsed in on him when he went back into the blazing building to save some others. That's why they must hide their true nature from humans who would destroy them.

Vivian currently a loner. She is the only female werewolf her age. There are 5 guys her age that she used to hang around with that are werewolves too. She refers to them as "the five". They have become too rowdy for her lately and besides that she's the only available mate their age. She's not interested in them romantically, so she distances herself from them. Viv loves being a wolf and running through the Forrest and worshiping the moon. She paints about it and recently got one of her works published. While admiring her work in the magazine she notices a poem about a werewolf next to her painting. This intrigues her because a human boy wrote it and it sounds so close to the real thing. She seeks him out and falls in love with him. Aiden falls for her as well.

None of the pack like Vivian having a relationship with a human. Especially her mother, Esme, who thinks Vivian should only date within the pack. The pack has no leader since her fathers passing and the pack has issues quarreling and keeping it's members safe. Humans start turning up dead and it's obviously a werewolf. No one in the pack can figure out who and they are all afraid of being found by humans. Vivian is having blackouts and believes she might be the killer. The pack is being torn apart and it's time for a new leader to be chosen. They decide the old way is the only way. Fight to the death and the strongest male wins. Then the females fight to be the new leaders mate.

This book was so good. I loved the plot the most. Vivian is such a deep character. Great story and a great ending. I loved it! I hope you do too. They made a movie out of this one. I hadn't heard of it till I read this book. It came out in 2007. I included an old movie trailer so you could check it out! I think I'll rent it myself. Cool!



  1. I read this book ages ago! Like 3 years ago (Haha not really agesss...) but I still love it and I still love to re-read it. It truly is an awesome book. The movie is horrid in comparison but if you were to just watch the movie and not worry about the book I think you would like it, heh that's my advice to anyone who has read the book and watches the movie. Completely forget about the book, the movie is completely separate.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the info. It never fails the book is always better than the movie. But it sounds like the movie was ok just different. Thanks!

  3. The book was amazing, the movie was not. The movie doesn't even follow the book at all. Anyways thanks for the review XD

  4. thanks for the review. at first i was leary because i prefer reading about guy werewolves. but i think i'll give this one a try.

    FYI: I have something lovely for you here:

  5. hi i found your blog through yahoo answers and i just wanted to say that I read blood and chocolate too and I absolutely adored it! Probably in my top five favorite books ever!!!

    i've been checking out your book suggestions and i've aleady got two that i'm really eager to read! (a quick bite and tithe: a modern faerie tale)

    I've seen Tithe loads of times at Borders but I never really thought I would like it. After reading your summary though I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the suggestions and I hope you keep reading and blogging =)