Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vampire Kisses 2: Kissing Coffins
by Ellen Schreiber

Sequel to Vampire Kisses

Our story continues with goth girl Raven Madison, a 16 year old wannabe vampire. In the last book we ended with Raven finally hooking up with the mysterious Alexander Sterling, who was rumored to be a vampire. The rumors dissipated but Raven found out that her true love really is a vampire. Alexander moves overnight without a word to anyone. Now Raven is alone and lost without him.

Her BFF Becky and her new man, Matt, are tied together at the hip leaving Raven to figure out what to do about Alexander all by herself. She decides the best place to start would be her friend at the travel agency where she used to work. She was supposed to have a date with Jameson, Alexander's Butler. She finds out Jameson sent flowers to her friend from a nearby town Raven calls "Hipsterville." Her Aunt lives in Hipsterville giving Raven the perfect cover for a visit to continue her investigation.

There she discovers a guy named Jagger who knows Alexander. He offers to help Raven find him, but Raven thinks he might be a vampire too and is kind of scared of him. He starts stalking her and she gets spooked and goes back home only to have Jagger follow her. Will her true love save her from Jagger or will he arrive too late?

This sequel was alright but the first book was slightly better. I wished the book was longer, but it sets the tone for the third book which looks promising.

Book 1 Vampire Kisses
Book 3 Vampire Kisses 3: Vampireville
Book 4 Vampire Kisses 4: Dance with a Vampire
Book 5 Vampire Kisses 5: The Coffin Club
Book 6 Vampire Kisses 6: Royal Blood
Book 7 Vampire Kisses 7: Love Bites


  1. I like Vampire Kisses and I really enjoyed it! Sounds like the next books in the series are worth reading!


  2. nice books