Monday, February 2, 2009

Grave Suprise, by Charlaine Harris

Sequel to Grave Sight

Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager and brought back to life by her step brother, Tolliver Lang, who resusitated her. Ever since then Harper has the ability to locate dead bodies like a homing device. She can see their last few moments of life and tell you what they died from, BUT not who killed them. She tries to make a living from her ability by traveling from place to place offering up her services where they are needed. Tolliver travels with her and acts as her manager and caretaker.

In this installment Harper and Tolliver travel to Bingham College in Memphis to do a little demonstration for the students taking a class in the supernatural. The professor of the class, Clyde Nunley, is out to disprove Harpers ability. He has her identify each body in an old graveyard and tell the class how each one died. Nunley has the only known records of each plot and the information on their departure. There is no way she can know this information before hand. Harper of course is the real deal and makes quick work of identifying all the bodies and cause of deaths. Last plot in the back reveals an extra corpse on top of the old grave. Harper is startled to discover its the body of Tabitha Morgenstern, a girl gone missing that Harper had failed to find months before on another case.

Harper and her brother immediately become suspects and are ordered not to leave town. Nunley accuses Harper of Fraud and is found dead in the same cemetery Harper was the day before identifying bodies. Things couldn't get more complicated, the media is having a feeding frenzy and the town is flooded with everyone trying to get the inside scoop. To clear their names, Harper and Tolliver set out to find the real killer.


Book 1 Grave Sight
Book 3 An Ice Cold Grave

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