Monday, February 2, 2009

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan Moves from sunny Phoenix to live with her dad in Forks, Washington. She's miserable because she misses her mom and the sun. It is always overcast and raining here in Forks. The perfect place for Edward Cullen and his family to live. Edward is a vampire and he attends the same high school as Bella. In fact they are lab partners. When Bella sits next to Edward in Science class she cannot understand the strange looks he gives her. It's as if he cannot stand the sight of her. It totally creeps her out. Edward is gorgeous and strangely unattached. Bella cannot stop wondering about Edward and his unjustified hate toward her.

Edward is a good vampire. He doesn't believe in killing humans for food. His whole family live off the blood of animals. When Edward first encounters Bella he almost looses control. She smells so good to him he almost can't help himself. Edward also has the ability to read thoughts. It's something he's grown to rely on which totally freaks him out when he can't read Bella's mind. Edward tries staying away from Bella but he's attracted to her because she's so different and because her mind is silent. He has no idea what she's thinking.

The attraction between Bella and Edward is positively smoldering and intense. Even just sitting next to one another during a film is too much to bare! Then Bella's unusual magnetism of bad luck almost gets her crushed by an out of control vehicle. Edward saves Bella's life. He reveals his superhuman speed and strength to save her. She promises to keep his secret if he promises to tell her the truth about him.

This book is an awesome love story about a vampire that falls in love with a human. I just loved this book and could not put it down until I finished it. You absolutely MUST read it!


Book 2 New Moon
Book 3 Eclipse
Book 4 Breaking Dawn

Unfinished book Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards Perspective) Click HERE to Read it!

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