Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ninth Key, by Meg Cabot
(The Mediator Series, Book 2)

Sequel to Shadowland

High school sophomore Susannah Simon is a mediator. She can see hear and touch ghosts as if they were living people. She helps ghosts find closure and move on. Not all ghosts, just the ones that come to her for help.

Life is going good for Suze. Since moving to Southern California, Suze has got a tan, and no bad hair days! She's even got a gorgeous guy named Jesse living in her bedroom, albeit he is a ghost, but still! While attending a pool party she meets a hunky guy named Tad Beaumont and he asks her on a date. Then later that night, she awakens from a dead sleep to a blood curdling scream! The ghost of a woman screaming and sobbing manages to beg her to tell Red he didn't kill me. Suze has no idea who Red is, so she does some investigating and comes to the conclusion that Red is really Red Beaumont, Tads father!

Delivering her message is easier said than done. Suze becomes uneasy when she's rushed out of the strange home of Red Beaumont after giving him the message. Imagine her surprise, when the ghost reappears accusing her of not delivering the message at all. Then she runs into a second ghost, who tells her Beaumont is responsible for HER death. What's going on? Does Suze have the right person? Is Red Beaumont, a prominent businessman in the community, a multi-millionaire, not to mention Tads father, really a cold blooded murderer?


Book 1 Shadowland
Book 3 Reunion
Book 4 Darkest Hour
Book 5 Haunted
Book 6 Twilight

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