Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chosen, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Sequel to Betrayed

Zoey Redbird is a vampyre fledgling attending the House of Night. It's where you go to complete your change from human to vampyre. Some fledglings don't finish becoming a vampyre, their body rejects the change and they die.

In this installment Zoey hides the fact that Stevie Rae her BFF that died rejecting the change is actually still walking around the living feeding off and killing them. Zoey makes it her mission to save her friend even if it means lying to her friends.

If you count having three boyfriends as being trouble then Z's in deep. Number one, her former human boyfriend, Heath. She's sucked his blood and now she has got a really bad case of blood lust and a special bond with him that is nearly impossible to sever. Number Two, her real boyfriend Erik Night, a gorgeous fledgling she has so much in common with. Three, the new substitute teacher, Loren Blake, who makes Z's legs go weak every time he's in close proximity.

Vampyres are turning up dead, really dead. Two professors are murdered on school grounds and The House of Night calls in the Suns of Erebus (super hot Vampyre warriors) for protection. Things get crazy for Zoey. Can she keep it together, save her friend, find a killer, and keep her friends after her betrayal?

This is a great book. I found it a little out of control, but when your a teenager you make mistakes and have to learn some hard lessons. Some people are way too critical, it's a made up story. It doesn't have to have the right messages or even be realistic. It's a fantasy book, shut up and enjoy it or don't read it! Sorry, but I had to vent on that. :)


Book 1 Marked
Book 2 Betrayed
Book 4 Untamed
Book 5 Hunted
Book 6 Tempted
Book 7 Burned
Book 8 Awakened (releases Jan 4, 2011)

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